They call me Duhveed. My real name is David Zajdman. I’m a Los Angeles based graphic designer

with a passion for all things design & creative. I love to draw, paint and sculpt stuff as well.

This blog consists of my sketches / select projects / and stuff that I enjoy.

I’m currently seeking graphic design / illustration / sculpting commissions & projects,

as well as running DONT LOOK DOWN CR8V HAUS, a studio space of awesome.

Drop me a line!
















You can contact me directly:

DZajdman42 (@) gmail.com

You can also find me here too:

Twitter, Instagram, Cargo, Coroflot, and Behance


My Chemical Romance/Warner Music Group, Engravers Lane, Chef Micah Fields,Munky King Toy Temple, WILL.I.AM, Cedric the Entertainer, The Divine, Brand X Stunts, PlanB Skateboards, Dead Cultoure, Hollywood Undead, Pride Clothing and more.

All content copyright David Zajdman 2013. All rights reserved.

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